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A Box of Surprise 72340

P2,000.00 Ex Tax: P2,000.00

A dozen holland roses in a box. Available in red, white, pink, peach and yellow. ..


All Round Hand Tied Bouquet 72198

P6,500.00 Ex Tax: P6,500.00

Gerbera & roses...


Amazing 72341

P3,100.00 Ex Tax: P3,100.00

1 doz. roses w/ I love you balloon in a bouquet. ..


Apricot Cream 72123

P4,500.00 Ex Tax: P4,500.00

3 pink lilies,10 carnation pink or peach, 6 mums yellow or white bouquet. ..


Asiatic Lilies 72130

P3,000.00 Ex Tax: P3,000.00

6 stems assorted lilies yellow,orange peach or pink bouquet. ..


Assorted Flowers 72344

P2,600.00 Ex Tax: P2,600.00

5 mums, 3gerbera,1 lilies & 3carnations in a basket. ..


Autumn Garden 72135

P4,300.00 Ex Tax: P4,300.00

6pink gerberas, 6 violet mums, 6 red carnations in a basket with pink ribbon. ..


Barcelona Pink 72345

P3,500.00 Ex Tax: P3,500.00

10 pcs. pink holland tulips in a vase. Available in red, pink, orange, yellow and white. ..


Bear & Roses in a Box 72346

P4,000.00 Ex Tax: P4,000.00

1/2 doz. red roses & bear with or without shirt in a box. Available in red, white,yellow & pink roses. ..

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