Delivery Information

    Same-day Deliveries

      Yes! Your orders can be delivered on the very same day! Please give us three to five hours lead-time for deliveries within Metro Manila and we will do the rest to make your loved ones smile.

    Provincial Deliveries

      Teleflora, our partner in our pursuit to deliver quality flowers, will ensure that your provincial orders are delivered. We will closely coordinate with partner florists in the area to assure the flower arrangement meets your expectations. We also deliver flowers in a box fresh from Manila through to well known couriers in our country. We do not deliver on Sundays and Holy Week for provincial areas.


      Weather conditions and regional areas affects flower supply. Specific flowers or colors in an arrangement may not always be readily available. Substitution is necessary especially for provincial or international deliveries; thus, we will contact you immediately of available substitutions that you can choose from.


      We will do our best to deliver on holidays, however, affiliated members Teleflora, abroad or provincially, may be closed on specific regional holidays. We will contact you immediately for an alternative delivery date. We want to accommodate all our clients, but we do not want to forego the quality of our flowers, please place orders 48 hours prior to delivery on special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

    International Deliveries

      Order should be place 48 hours from time of delivery date. Please take note that we do not accept international deliveries on Saturday and Sundays. Flower arrangement may vary from those posted here in our website.

    Local Delivery Rates

      Click the Delivery Information to view the local delivery rates.

    International Delivery Rates

      All Prices indicated in the flower arrangement are inclusive of delivery rates.