Useful Tips for Flowers

Here are some tips for your flowers to have longer life:

Remove any leaves that may decay under water. When removing leaves or thorns, do NOT cut through the green bark. This may restrict the water absorption of the flower and bacteria may clog the stems.

Put the stems in a water basin or under a running water before cutting each stem for about an inch. Do NOT let the newly cut end dry off before transferring it to your arrangement or container.

Roses are thirsty flowers. It is important to check that the vase or container is full of water. Be sure foam materials are completely soaked and the container has enough water daily.

Premature wilting is not a sign that the rose is old. It indicates that air cannot flow properly up the stem. Check the end of the stem for blockage or look for cut or scrape in the bark above the water level. Re-cut the stem above the injured section under water then soak the entire rose in a basin or shallow pan on warm water. Be sure to keep the stem and head straight. Your rose will restore it’s freshness within an hour or so.